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Meet Indapot

Horticulture hasn’t changed much in, oh, a couple of millenia. Neither have pots. We’re using the same terra cotta containers as the ancient Greeks. I mean, Aristotle was a smart guy, but you shouldn’t have to plant your perennials like he did.

Indapot gives you a reason to break those clay pots on purpose — instead of by accident, which is how you’ve been breaking them since forever. That’s because Indapot is a really real, totally not hyperbolic, super legit revolution in home gardening.

How revolutionary are we talking here? Let’s just say that you could stick a tri-corner hat on one of these bad boys and send it across the Delaware. (How cute would that be, by the way? Little George Washington-looking planter.)

Okay, on to our Declaration of Indo-pendence! (Be prepared, the puns are going to come hot and fast.)

What makes Indapot better?


Because Indapots are made from silicone, this makes them virtually unbreakable. Crush them, drop them, run them over with a car or drop them off a roof and these pots will bounce right back. These pots can take about anything and look great doing it. These pots will never fail you and you will own them for a lifetime.


Even though these pots can be flexed, they have been designed to stay as rigid as you need to stand up to the weight of gardening. We used a silicone that will both flex and hold up to weight.

Colorfast/UV Stable

The fact that Indapots are made from silicone means they’re UV stable. You don’t have to worry about fading, no matter what colors you choose. Your plants enjoy the sun and now your pots can too.

Food grade and hypoallergenic

Unlike those plastic containers, Indapot isn’t made from petroleum products. These silicone pots can withstand heating and freezing without leaching or off-gassing. So you won’t have to worry about any BPA’s or hazardous chemicals contaminating your food. You can rest assured the food you have grown is safe and healthy for your whole family.

Dishwasher safe

At the end of a season or before your next growing season begins, you can run our pots through the dishwasher. Now you can be sure your pots are nice and clean before being potted again. You can do this season after season with no damage to your pots.

Extreme working temperature

With a working temperature of -80 – 450 degrees, Indapots will handle even the most extreme environments. If you live in a hot desert, no problem. If you’re living in the artic, they can handle that too.

Multiple colors

Indapots are offered in multiple colors to fit your garden or house color pallet. If you are ordering a large enough amount we can even make them in custom colors for you.


When compared to clay and terra-cotta pots, Indapots are about 60% lighter. Expect less strain on your back when moving plants around.


The fact that you can flex Indapots means you will be able to remove plants from them with ease. Being pliable is also a reason that these pots will never break on you.


Indapots have taken everything we have thrown at them. We have thrown them off roofs, set off explosions inside of them, and even released children on them. We have looked for any way we can to damage them. The resilience of these pots is just one of the reason you will own them for a lifetime.


Like most all silicone products, Indapots are recyclable. With their extremely long life, you will probably never get rid of these pots. But if you do for some reason, they can be recycled. If your local facility doesn’t recycle silicone, then you can always send them back to us and we will either recycle them, or donate them to schools for future use.

Not plastic and not clay

Indapots cover the needs of gardeners in a multitude of ways. They are 60% lighter than clay pots. So there is no need to hurt your back when moving them around. But they still have the rigidity needed to hold shape when moving them so not to damage your roots. But they will also flex when forced so transplanting is a cinch. Unlike clay pots these pots will never fade.

What makes Indapot great?

A variety of sizes and shapes

Indapot offers a number of sizes and shapes of pots to fill all your gardening needs. Take a look at our catalog of pots and saucers and find the ones that are right for you.

Giving Back

At Indapot, we believe in giving back to promote gardening for kids. We will donate 10% to non-profits that reduce plastic waste. Being a conscientious company is part of our mission from the start.